At Last, The Eagle Has Landed, Felix Omokhodion For Chairman, Esan West Local Government Area.


At Last, The Eagle Has Landed, Felix Omokhodion For Chairman, Esan West Local Government Area.

Are you talking about his drop dead good looks? His academic and intellectual prowess? Or his administrative and managerial acumen? Is it in terms of excellent inter personal relationship; an affable and amiable personality?

These and more are not only what sums up the essence of our subject matter, but there are more to it. In supporting the Man of the Moment, Felix Omokhodion for Chairman Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State. One must take into cognisance the fact that this is not just one of those men in the political Turf, but here is a man with an unblemished and untainted antecedent in the service of God and humanity.


A man with an enviable track record of Public Service, Private Practice and Community Leadership. A man that rose meritoriously up the ladder of political success.

He is solidly on ground and is abreast of the intricacies and complexities associated with the hardship the masses go through on a daily basis. He is at home with the people at the grassroot level having base in his hometown in order to personally feel the pulse and verve of his people. He is no doubt the most polished, amiable and accessible political figure around.

He is one politician without any form of garbage, baggage or excess luggage. He is young, vibrant, intelligent, very sound and solid.

And his mission is to work hard everyday and make Esan West Local Government the reliable partner in strengthening every family in Esan West Local Government Area and with the strategy to improve and aggressively implement every Government policy, project and program in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State to have rapid, positive impact on the industrialization of the local government and to strengthen every Esan West family.

As we prepare to move Esan West Local Government Area to the next phase, let us put aside every sentiments and get it right.

And if PDP must win the Local Government Election, she must field in a popular, respected, credible, acceptable and Godly character who is well known to the people he intends to govern. The era of importing and imposing foreign bred elements on the good people of Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State is gone and gone forever.

Let us therefore make it our collective task and responsibility to make sure that this cool headed, calm, collected and calculative gentleman by name Felix Omokhodion is given the mandate to pilot the affairs of Esan West Local Government Council for the next 3 years.

Don’t be left out of this move, join the train, because truly the Eagle has landed and there is nothing the hawks can do about it. Vox poi, Vox Dei






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