Barr. Mrs Faith Obasuyi Celebrate Women At International Women’s Day.


Barr. Mrs Faith Obasuyi Celebrate Women At International Women’s Day.

………Call on government at all levels to protect the girl child

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day celebration, the Founder and President, Faith Obasuyi Foundation joined other women all over the world in celebrating women.


Her message reads in parts:

*Happy international women’s day to all…*

I have decided to celebrate the 2022 international women’s day with all women across the globe by sharing my thoughts on salient issues that confront us as a people and most especially as women …

This day has given us a stark reminder that women and girls have suffered so much from armed conflicts in different ways.

Looking in perspective, at the recent happenings in my home town, *Urhonigbe* community in orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State, the persistent herdsmen massacre activities that has invaded the place, a community where the largest rubber plantation is located. The violence situation is disheartening, overwhelming and unprecedented, to see women been raped , able body men and women kidnapped on a daily basis and killings everywhere by these criminals herdsmen in the community;
These indeed has left us with so much grief and despair.

I therefore call on the Government at all levels, and all security agencies to please look into this menace with urgency and provide appropriate lasting measures to ensure the people’s safety at this harrowing time.

Secondly, it is truism that women has made some indelible achievements, hence the ongoing tireless pursuit, engagement, solidarity by Nigeria women on the issue of gender equality and the full Implementation of the 35% Affirmative action for women and other related issues.

This day serve as an opportunity to draw humanity’s attention to the illusion on how the strength of women are perceive nagatively.

Gloria Steinem, explained succinctly in her speech that “the story of women struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist but to the collective efforts of those who cares about human rights.

So many bullets have been shoot to silence the the voices of women on Equality.
feminism is not about women, rather a feminist is a man or woman who fight against injustice.

The issue of gender is a system of oppression which can easily become modern slavery and the problem with gender in Africa is that it prescribed how we should be, instead of us being our normal self hence, the unending fight against discrimination by women.

Some people often tie gender equality to our culture, and Even in some homes, a male child is given prefrential treatment than the female child; this is a great injustice on how parents raised their children.
Some traditional parents define masculinity in a very narrow way by teaching the boy child to be *hardman*, while the female child is been caged, they teach their female children to aspire for marriage but fail to teach the male child same, they teach the female child to be submissive while they leave the male child with a more fragile ego which may later becomes threat to the girl child in future.

Men has grown up to be savage being while women are always meant to compromise.

Nigeria have revolves but our ideology on gender equality have not revolves, but we all must know that empowering women is an inevitable responsibility we must all achieved in the 21th century.

Finally, I have hope in Nigeria and I still believes that Nigeria will be better than now.
#Break the Bias#

Barr Mrs Faith Obasuyi,
Edo State Secretary, Police Duty Solicitor Scheme.



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