BREAKING NEWS: Dear PDP Delegates from Esanland.


BREAKING NEWS: Dear PDP Delegates from Esanland.

Please note that in few days time, Those Third Term Aspirants in Esanland will begin to offload Motorcycles, Grinding and Sewing Machines, Televisions, Refrigerators, and others they had stored in ware houses overtime to hoodwink or purchase you to actualize their inglorious and infamous Greedy Ambition.

In their bid to fraudulently Purchase you (The Delegates) as Boasted to deceptively secure your votes for their greedy Third Term Aspiration, your Representatives at the House of Representatives and the Senate have decided to begin the release of Motor cycles, Refrigerators, Keke Napep (Tricycles), Grinding and Sewing Machines, etcetera etcetera to Delegates in few days time in Edo Central Senatorial District, and particularly, in Esan west, Esan Central, and Igueben Federal Constituency.


Dear Delegates it is your right and privilege to collect those commodities and equipments for the Empowerment they promised you 7-years and 3-years ago that made you to give them your mandate —- certainly not for another 4-years.

One of the Representative whose campaign Secretariat has been under lock and keys since the past 3-years will soon be inviting the Delegates few days to the primary to collect their share from *Constituency Projects as purchased by the federal government and passed through their representation.

OUR MUMU DON DO. They can’t continue to deceive us as boasted.

Don’t forget after the primaries, there are major general election where they can obviously not be able to share these products / commodities to the general electorates to offer them and the party victory at the general election.

Dear Delegates, you can not afford to give them the party tickets after collecting those items / commodities, and make the party to loose the election woefully to the opposition party, realizing that these greedy aspirants are no longer sellable before the public.

Dear Delegates, you can not afford to Sell the PDP Sun, to Buy A Candle.

——- Duke Iyenlenaye writes from Irrua.



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