Curbing corruption is key to my economic recovery agenda — Accord presidential candidate, Prof Imumolen


Curbing corruption is key to my economic recovery agenda — Accord presidential candidate, Prof Imumolen

Accord party’s presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen says he would be vigorous in his plans to curb the endemic corruption that appears to have slowed the country’s march to greatness if he gets elected president in next year’s general elections.

Professor Imumolen believes his plans for the rapid recovery of the country’s seemingly comatose economy can only succeed if concrete steps are taken to discourage corrupt practices in every sector.


He says he is determined to put in place structures that would discourage corruption, reward probity, and punish dishonesty in the handling of public funds.

“Corruption is the greatest problem Nigeria has. If we can kill corruption, then we have a realistic chance of achieving greatness as a country,” Professor Imumolen said during a recent interview.

“Look at the power sector, for instance. If that sector of the economy hadn’t been bedevilled by corruption, we would by now not be complaining of epileptic power supply, low shedding or the constant collapse of the national power grid.

“It is bad enough that we can’t muster sufficient energy to service about 45 million households in Nigeria with the paltry 4000 megawatts we generate, it is scandalous to know that the over $2billion the power providers collect as tariffs yearly end up in private pockets.

“The same goes for oil theft which is probably the biggest source of leakage of public funds we keep witnessing nowadays.
Imagine the billions of dollars that could have been channelled into building schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, railways etc, that ends up being shared by unscrupulous persons in positions of authority in this country?

“This same story is replicated in the education, agricultural, works and housing, health, trade and commerce sectors, to mention but a few. It’s corruption everywhere.

“Now, no leader can expect to achieve meaningful progress in a setting where corruption thrives unabated.

“That is why I would be making the eradication of corruption at all levels of governance a key component of my economic recovery agenda if I get elected as Nigeria’s president come 2023.

“I know the men and women who have long been benefitting from corruption in all facets of our national life will resist change, but we shall succeed in ultimately overthrowing them and making them ineffective by digitalising the economy.

“A digitalised economy will put a final stop to corruption because there will mechanisms in the system for monitoring, checks and balances.

“A digitalised economy will block all the loopholes that presently exists, and which allows corruption to thrive.

“Then, we shall also ensure that the judiciary is sufficiently strengthened to make it ready to punish cases of criminality in the area of public funds diversion and misappropriation when it comes up,” he added.



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