Dear People and Youths of Esan Central Local Government State Constituency,


    Dear People and Youths of Esan Central Local Government State Constituency,

    I represent the youth and the most productive segment of our population which virtually every regime has paid lip service to their sufferings and needs. A glance at the annual budgetary allocation to Youths and Sports reveal bogus sums that do not match our reality.

    I am youthful and have passed through the path of denials many Nigerian youths have experienced or are experiencing. I am here by conviction to provide creative solutions and a collective path for recovery.


    My legislative service in addition to oversight responsibilities will be exceptionally focused on the following:

    *A. Improving the standard of living and healthcare of our teeming population.*

    *B. Edu-Tech – targeted at massive interventions in education, investments/engagements in tech (tech hubs), and craftsmanship to enhance job creation and social outcomes that would impact positively on generations.*

    *C. Fiscal/Infrastructural Equity, Monitoring, and Evaluation of projects especially through Town Halls and Direct Citizen Reporting. I am accessible without walls, distance, and barriers. And, with a youthful, innovative, and supportive team driving this project: I am already leveraging on technology to further reduce these challenges through a multi-channel consultation approach.*

    I, therefore, invite you to join hands with me and let us ‘LABOUR’ together to create a better community for the good of everyone. Yes, we can because *”AKUGBE AHU”.* I have enough ideas, impetus, and experience for this job.

    Thank you.

    Hon. Oses Emmanuel Eromosele.

    Vote Labour Party
    Vote Hon. Oses Emmanuel Eromosele for Edo State House of Assembly, Esan Central Local Government State Constituency.



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