Edo PDP Crisis: An Illustration of the Never Ending Obaseki’s Wars.


    Edo PDP Crisis: An Illustration of the Never Ending Obaseki’s Wars.

    Now, let’s use the sham, the topping of a previous illegality with another illegality using Senator Alemikhena as the cash-cow and sacrificial lamb for Senator Ayu who has been poised in PDP for destruction and annihilation with the combined forces of Obaseki and Aziegbemi.

    In the keenly contested primary in Edo North, Hon. Paschal Ugbome won the election for Senate without much troubles from the other contestants in the free and fair election. Of course everyone knows Paschal as the boisterous, urbane, quintessential, social and likeable personality. His goodness knows no political or tribal bounds. He speaks the Benin language as much as much as the Esan, Owan and Akoko-Edo languages.


    During the gubernatorial election which saw Obaseki as the governor, Paschal was the Campaign Director for Edo North and later became a member of the Transition Committee. He was courted to be the Secretary to the State Government since the government was to be a Unity Government. Even when we was not appointed, he never openly or secretly condemned the governor, he just moved on.

    Now, Hon. Paschal Ugbome who is supposed to be a bridge between the new PDP members under the Governor and Legacy PDP members under Chief Dan Orbih had gone to win a duly conducted election monitored by INEC. Obaseki is ready to put clogs in the wheels instead of helping Paschal to succeed in Edo North that is normally APC’s playground.

    For those who are initiated into the cult following of Obaseki, and to the unsuspecting believers his outdated propaganda as from his APC days where he falsely accused the members of the party of asking him to share the commonwealth, and in PDP with the negative propaganda that leaders of the Party do not want to acknowledge him as the Party’s Constitutional leader, this is for you; there is no section in the PDP constitution that gives the governor of any state leadership, including Edo State. If you know any section, point it out.

    Secondly, leadership is earned through virtues, not vices. A self acclaimed leader without followers is taking a stroll in an empty park. Obaseki could not earn the place of leadership in Edo State PDP because of his antecedent history full of vices he brought from APC. He fights everything and everywhere and everyone in sight without refrain, without caution, without retrospection and without management. At least we are all aware PDP is not the revered Oba of Benin he fought with because of artefacts. Today, like others, he is not in talking terms with the Oba, they don’t see eyeballs to eyeballs. What he does as a chronic narcissist is to act the victim of abuse when he is the true aggressor. He pays unemployed youth in the state to peddle administrative irresponsibilities in a way that is appealing…but please welcome to Benin City of flood and filth.

    With what he is doing to Hon. Paschal Ugbome, who is not his sworn enemies like Chief Dan Orbih and Hon Ogbiede-Ihama, do anyone thinks the members of PDP should fold their hands without fighting back with everything legal they can muster, including the media? If no lessons are learnt from what he is doing to Hon. Paschal who had helped him to succeed in the past, which he is supposed to reciprocate now Paschal needs him most instead of paying him with a bad coin, what other moral lessons one need to learn from the crisis in PDP formented by the governor himself in a bid to become the Emperoic Godfather?

    The governor and his propagandists goes about telling their believers some people in Edo are using Governor Wike to fight Edo State, and the weak hearted believe, even some from the elite section. Do a Wike need to tell any sensible Edo State PDP member that there must be a personal revolt the way Hon. Paschal Ugbome is being treated here by Obaseki and his gang? Is Wike more sensitive than thousands of Edo State citizens across party lines who are vehemently against this heartless treatment of their friend and brother, Paschal Ugbome? Should Wike be the one to tell us what to do when we are offended? Should he be the one to resist the temptation of some elements trying to take over our own house? Should Wike be the one to resist those who have no respect for the rule of law and the constitution of PDP?

    Although members of the Strong Legacy PDP are unperturbed because there is no illegal addition on an illegality that can transform or translate to become a legality, however, the world needs to know, Nigerians need to know, Edo State citizens need to know the exact kind of character Obaseki is; he betrays the weak and the strong, the willing and the unwilling, friends and foes alike, the dead and the yet unborn.

    Oh yet, he wish to become the Vice President to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar after the Arise TV assessment…what a huge joke taken too far. Let’s get serious joor…



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