It is indubitable that we are now in a new era of political transmogrification and renaissance. Yes, it is an era where a paradigmatic, prodigious and productive leadership is continually being yearned for by all and sundry in our contemporary society. We are presently in a time of show us your antecedents and what you did without political POSITIONS or GOVERNMENT money. Thus, your personal idiosyncratic mannerisms can be conjecturable and we can easily extrapolate what you can do afterwards.

This ideology is cognominal with Dr. Mike Eigbemekhe. Honestly, I wish it were possible for us to meticulously document the epical chronology of this worthy, meritocratic and charismatic leader. But no one knew that he was going to one day come into playing elective politics.


There is an age-long saying that ”if you think of today, you give bread. If you think of tomorrow, you plant a seed”. In the same vein, if you are long- sighed and think about the future and generations to come, you give education.

Dr mike EIGBEMEKHE is one of the very few individuals that believe in education as one of the major instruments of emancipation of a people from illiteracy, backwardness, societal underdevelopment, poverty of the Mind, body and soul. Education is a major hope for egalitarianism and the upliftment of the masses and their children out of perpetual poverty and deprivations of quality life.

He was just lucky that God’s destiny for him, took him through his studies. Unknown to many people, Dr. Mike EIGBEMEKHE had known for a long time ago that what you may call, ”ordinary” notebooks, pencils and biros can perpetually remove a child from school and thus condemned and subjugate a God- created future professors and professional medical doctors, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Engineers, Educationists etc; into everlastingly illiteracy with its associated deplorable and other unpalatable attachments.

Back in those days, Dr. Eigbemekhe could still remember some of his primary/secondary schools classmates that were among the most intelligent in the class. Unfortunately they dropped out of school simply because they were continuously beaten on daily basis by their teachers for either not buying and bringing Biros, or having pencils or even notebooks to write with then. It could be deduced that it was either because their parents couldn’t afford the writing materials or they were very ignorant of its importance. Of course, because of the fear of being beaten daily and being laughed at by fellow students, they dropped out of school and could not continue their educational career.

Until now, some people who are previledged wouldn’t have known that there are a lot of intelligent children in our local government area whose future would be bleak and deprived of education just because of ”ordinary”academic writing and learning materials.

For over a decade, precisely since 2009 , Dr. Mike EIGBEMEKHE have been doing his best on this direction by distributing free academic materials to some schools in rural communities in ESAN NORTH EAST LGA. Boldly written on the books and academic materials is ,”FREE AND NOT FOR SALE”. He also built the Foundation House in Ewoiki-Uzea, ESAN NORTH EAST LGA for easy access to rural communities and rural dwellers.

A project that has been existing for more than a decade, could not have been connected with a political interest of today to be very sincere.

Since there is a limit to where personal resources can reach, Dr. Mike Eigbemekhe believes that when he is overwhelmingly supported and given the mandate to be the next LGA Council chairman, the masses would have unprecedented Joy and smiles on their faces at last and ESAN NORTH EAST LGA will definitely be the best.

Though everything could not be captured, haven not known that he will One day be in politics, some of the pictorial evidence are as shown below for the viewing of the reader of this write up.

God bless you all.
Sunny Ogbeide, Ph.D.



  1. His indeed a man who has done it all, that his name spread vastly and like a rythem in the mouth of his people I have not doubt he will do spotaniousley


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