By Martins Idemudia

The era of betrayals in politics dates back long before now. In his classic book titled “Julius Ceaser”, the author Shakespeare, gave an account of the pains of betrayal.


Many senators stabbed Julius Ceaser in the palace coup that took his life. Though all the stabs were fatal and painful, non was more painful than that of his trusted ally, Brutus. With his last breath, Ceaser looked at him and said with all the pains in his voice “Et tu Brutus”?

What makes betrayal painful is the fact that you can only be betrayed by a friend or close ally and not an enemy.

The trio of Senator Clifford Ordia, Hon. Joe Edionwele and Hon. Marcus Onubun had a working relationship under one master, Governor Godwin Obaseki. The project was to support Senator Ordia and Hon. Joe Edionwele back to the National Assembly while Hon. Marcus Onubun was to be pushed back to the House of Assembly.

They came up with different titles to the team from Odaloakhian, Oriazemere, Continuity and so on. Hon . Joe Edionwele called a lot of meetings putting in his political weight behind the project to drum support for Senator Ordia and Hon. Onubun. So dedicated was Hon. Edionwele that he forgot that he himself was an aspirant as he concentrated on pushing support for the weaker vessels, Senator Clifford Ordia and Hon. Marcus Onubun. He never knew that he was dinning with the devil.

Without any iota of remorse, The Governor did what he is best known for. In a junta like style, he ordered Senator Clifford Ordia to support Hon. Marcus Onubun to replace Hon. Edionwele if Ordia wants to continue to enjoy his support for his third tenure. The governor described Hon. Edionwele as a dull representative.

Without thinking twice, Senator Clifford Ordia accepted the order and Hon. Marcus Onubun took up the offer. Hon. Edionwele was not even invited for the meeting. Senator Clifford Ordia left him in Abuja to attend the meeting without hinting him even after coming back.

When someone called Hon. Edionwele to brief him of the decision of the governor to drop him, he told the informant that Senator Ordia will not accept it if he got to know. Hon. Edionwele was shocked when the informant told him that Senator Ordia was in the meeting. He quickly went to confront Senator Clifford Ordia with the information. To his greatest surprise, Senator Ordia confirmed the story. Hon. Edionwele must have felt the pains Ceaser felt at that moment.

When Senator Clifford Ordia walked into the Senatorial Caucus meeting last week with his new bride Hon. Marcus Onubun, the expression on the face of Hon. Joe Edionwele was clear. There was an unmistakable question in his eyes as he looked at his former team mate: “Even you Ordia”?

The continuity train has derailed. The only reason Hon. Joe Edionwele is still in the race is to ensure that he uses whatever is left of his Political machine to crush Senator Clifford Ordia and Hon Marcus Onubun. If he cannot have the third tenure, then, the ambition of Senator Clifford Ordia and Hon. Marcus Onubun must crash.

The abandonment of the third tenure agenda by Governor Godwin Obaseki and surrendering of all the National Assembly seats to the legacy PDP because of his demand for majority of the house of Assembly seats, have left Senator Clifford Ordia and Hon Marcus Onubun in the cold. They have been told to go and face the delegates that they have refused to acknowledge all these while because of the hope of being adopted by the governor with a fiat. The duo who have refused to declare their intentions have finally fixed dates to do so while the abandoned delegates await them.



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