Join the social revolution mounting across Nigeria, support labour Party in the good that is coming!


    Join the social revolution mounting across Nigeria, support labour Party in the good that is coming!

    ….give your vote to Ezehi MD Igbas, the defender of Esan Race for Member House of Rep, Agbazilo Constituency.

    Uwalor-Oke Uromi 29th September, 2022.


    The time to stand for what is good has come. The time to take back our Commonwealth from the avaricious past leaders has come, the time to reverse Nigeria from the road of doom to the road of prosperity is now.

    This is a clarion call to all the good people of Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency (old Agbazilo) to line up massively in support of the new force the Labour Party of Nigeria in the 2023 General Election. It’s an idea whose time has come and Esan should be at the forefront in the political revolution to wrest the country from those bent on destroying it.

    Your beloved son, Hon Sir MD Igbas is the one chosen by the people to represent the great people of Agbazilo and Esanland at the National Assembly. MD Igbas do not need much introduction.

    The Uwalor-Oke Uromi born former legislator is best among equals. As immediate past member of Edo State House of Assembly, Hon MD Igbas distinguished himself by standing tall in defense of his people. This is why he is the defender of the Esan Race, a name he earned when he was the last Esan man standing for his brother Speaker Okonobo during his infamous impeachment on the floor of Chief Anthony Enahoro Complex.

    He is the man we can trust with such a big national assignment. He will go and fight hard for our interest and just like he did not sell out then, he Will not sell out now..

    Just as he did the right thing then,.he will continue in his inbuilt pro-Esan representation when he emerge victorious.

    Let’s line up behind this respected Esan son and stand on the good side of history. The Labour Party is sure to clear the presidency and take a large chunk of all elective position in this new dispensation, yes, because we are tired of the old order and no one can stop an idea whose time has come.

    A support for Hon MD Igbas is a support for the new Nigeria that is coming. It’s a support for national pride, a support from consumption to production and a support for what is right.

    To see details of the manifestos of MD Igbas, his previous public service profile and his mission and vision for his constituency, please visit



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