Planned PDP EXCO Dissolution: Wanton Shadow Chase – By D. O-Ray


Planned PDP EXCO Dissolution: Wanton Shadow Chase – By D. O-Ray

The Governor of Edo State, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, seems to be surrounded by some sets of yesmen and no naysayers.

“There is something artificial when everyone is agreeing with each other.


It’s useful to indulge people who don’t agree, and see their viewpoint or force yourself to explain things better.” –David Sack, founder of Yammer.

This article will navigate through the need of people who doubt , challenge and oppose you at key stages in your endeavour, just like Governor Godwin Obaseki is chasing shadows of dissolving the PDP Exco, which he knows is legally impossible.

It is great, as the governor of the state, to be the person who makes all the right political decisions.

It helps you keep your confidence and neck held high.

However, in a political space, you don’t have the luxury of being right all the time.

You are bound to make mistakes at important steps. And that’s what Governor Godwin Obaseki has insisted in making; mistakes upon mistakes with weak justifications.

These yesmen give the governor Confidence Boost, and in PDP, that is a myth, it doesn’t work because PDP is filled with experienced sophisticated politicians and old war horses.

The Brutal Truth:
There is nothing more awful than wasting a lot of time, resources and emotion on something which could have been prevented with an open discussion or something that is realistically impossible.

Try questioning the motive behind every support or doubt on your ideas.

Why are these people telling you this? What is their agenda and what do they have to gain.

You need someone who objectively thinks, not someone who doesn’t tell you the bare truth to take care of your feelings.

Now, let’s come to the Conundrum: Obaseki has sent the so called leaders and stakeholders who attended the failed meeting to their respective LGA to harmonize and come back within one week so that the result of the harmonization will be sent to the national for ratification.

Some of the leaders in the old PDP who opnely supported this planned dissolution of the party are Chief Lucky Igbinedion, Chief Mike Oghiadome and Chief Raymond Dokpesi…

Most of governor’s new PDP members are already structuring meetings for this purpose of this planned dissolution.

Now, what is the idea behind all these? What is the motive that is fueling them?

It’s easy to explain: take some old members of the excos at ward levels out and replace them with new PDP members as exco members.

When asked what would be the format for it, the stakeholders said there is no format yet but the governor said those who will be yanked from these excos will be compensated with ‘something’ without mentioning what the something will be.

With what and when, there was no immediate answers to this question. Perhaps a ‘goodbye thank’ you brown envelope since the governor thinks he can always buy his ways through.

How do you as a leader go to your ward to tell members of the exco there to drop from their offices without handing them an appointment letter for them to make choices.

How legal and morally justifiable is this? How can you tell an old landlord to leave his house to accommodate people who were stranded without making alternative accommodation for him?

No single old PDP leader can or should go to his immediate constituency to campaign about this sick obnoxious clamour that is not only morally wrong, but illegal.

Be rest assured that some will be beaten up and there will be sequences of litigations. And none of these leaders will ever be able to go to their respective constituents to ask for votes if they ever wish to contest elections.

Those so called old PDP leaders who are championing this dissolution have outspent their political lives, they don’t care about the younger generation of old PDP members who had suffered to be in the opposition for these long without decamping.

They don’t care if their unreasonable support for this illegality will bring further crisis to the party.

Th Brutal Truth should be told to Governor Godwin Obaseki that this his wanton shadows chase of dissolving the Edo State PDP excos won’t work.

After taking up positions of the State Governor, the Deputy State governor, the Secretary to the State, the Chief of Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff, two senior assistants, 11 commissioners, the governor is still instructing the old PDP to relinquish their positions as members of the party’s excos.

Who does that? What an audacious effrontery!

Like Pa Imasogie said, “who be fool?

Deacon Darlington Okpebholo-Ray, a PDP stakeholder, member of Obaseki/Shaibu 2020 Gubernatorial Campaign Team Writes From Leeds United Kingdom.



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