By: Erarah Oseghale Jefferson.

    Its unlikely many of those who come out to wrongly criticize Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa do not completely have the true picture of things.. it’s however very likely also that they’re either acting the script of  paymaster or want to be noticed by their principals for acting their wish. it’s said that “You don’t argue with a fool, because people might not notice the difference”


    We have choose to ignore the malicious post and misrepresentation by Emma Joker on the Idigie road for several reasons and sort to do the needful. Again the absence of certain component of our community (ies) coexistence allowed for such…which God willing as the Youths enjoys #INCLUSION and ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in the next four years when hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa assumes office at the Green Chambers, many of these rubbish will be reduced.

    I however would have expected Rosemary Okoduwa whom I suppose is a journalist according to her profile to have carried out certain investigation before running to Facebook to make cheap post, tagging the likes of. Asibor Solomon , Engr Kelvin Okpebholo Ehizoba Ernest Ehis etc..”The Uromi Ambassadors” 🤣🤣🤣 to further repost in an attempt to defaming Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa’s reputation. such act can be excused for some of these data boys who are “irrational” as opposed to civil ways of behaving..but @Rosemary Okoduwa choose also to demeaning herself by cheaply seeking attention or probably allowing herself be induced into this self delineating character. A JOURNALIST for that matter ??? 😳😳😳Waooo…she didn’t know about other projects for which to come commend the effort of Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa, or I suppose that the little portion that she captured to show the world on Facebook is the entire length of the road. Wether this cheap blackmail was sponsored from Arc. Mike Onolemenmen’s camp or Prince Odi’ Okojie’s camp is immaterial at the moment….given time, when the truth is revealed, these lies will be lost in Oblivion. What I think matters now is setting the matters straight and assuring the good people of Idigie Communities and Uromi at large that hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa who facilitated the repair of that road meant well for all

    Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa has in his capacity as the Esan North East Constituency 2 representative at the state house of Assembly influenced the repair (construction) of that road by the state government; he’s neither the one who awarded the contract nor is he the contractor carrying out the construction. Eboigbe Boniface am sure you could settle your personal differences with Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa if there’s any and be a man of truth that you should be..We both want the same thing “The Advancement of Agbazilo” however we’re pursuing it different ways. It’s also unlikely that you were economical and pretentiously ganish the truth about your findings with sentiments.

    Rather than fueling the ember of hatred; In the Interest of the good people of Uromi, my personal findings from the contractor via a telephone conversation and other classified source reveals that the construction of the road is yet completed. A quick fix (Palliative) measure was necessitated so the road could be passable as the rain was predicted to be heavy in the coming weeks, and to also further sustain the sub-work, couple with the contractor may yet need further imbursement from the state government to completing the Project. THIS IS NOT SO HARD TO FIND OUT rather than resorting to cheap blackmail.

    oyinbo will say “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa has not faired badly in Representing his constituency in the midst of uncertainty in the State. Of a fact, he has surpassed the expectations of many of us who are close to the government. Nobody in his category has done anything better in Uromi….So rather than falling for some empty and baseless campaign promises from persons who has no experience about government and Representation..It’s only logical and makes much sense that we encourage Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa further who has being there and have the requisite Experience to represent Agbazilo better. I am personally persuaded that, given a better opportunity at the federal house of Representatives, He’ll do amazingly well.

    I had long wanted to do this write-up so people do not think Hon. Emmanuel Okoduwa or the contractor acted on pressure by these empty blackmail to return back to site, when the contractor eventually comes back to finish the work..though that’s Crucial..and then, begin to accure themselves the glory,😁😁😁 We Uromi like praise Well Well . Let It Be Known Now, That The Contractor Is Yet Coming To Complete The Work. But to leave these false claims unattended to would mean to allow these hungry belles continually misinform the public.

    So, quote me anywhere am “Ever unapologetic” about my claim that regardless of what other (the few bought over) may think that Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Emmanuel Okoduwa remains AGBAZILO’s BEST CANDIDATE for the federal house of Representatives…and no amount of blackmail can pull him down…It is God that gives #POWER We Only await God’s favour at the Supreme Court.

    God Bless Uromi
    God Bless Agbazilo
    God Bless You The Reader. Amen 🙏🙏🙏

    By: Erarah Oseghale Jefferson.



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