RELAX By Amb. Tony Okonigene


    By Amb. Tony Okonigene

    Once again, there is the need to tell our supporters and the legacy PDP members to relax. The doctored INEC nomination forms being paraded online is an unfortunate development. These are security documents that are not supposed to be exposed in such manners. Those with the original ones were given instructions on the confidentiality of the contents by INEC.

    I want to ask some partinent questions. After the Ad-hoc delegates congresses, what did they do? They brought out their lists of ad-hoc delegates. Even when INEC brought out the certified copies of the adhoc delegates they monitored, they said the lists were fake.
    When INEC published the lists of National delegates it monitored, they shouted that INEC does not have any business publishing the lists of delegates. Party, they told us had the final say. At the end of the day, who voted at the National Convention?


    They have repeatedly refered to our candidates as INEC candidates. Is it not funny that same people are now celebrating INEC’s nomination forms? They are now telling us that the same INEC they rejected is now the corner Stone. Meanwhile, INEC has already released the certified true copies of the candidates of the party it monitored. They declared it fake.

    We are not going to engage in social Media facade concerning this. Ask them where are the certificates of return they so much advertised? They are now displaying INEC forms!!!?

    Be rest assured that we are on track. INEC will in line with its timetable release the names of the successful candidates of all the parties. We advise our legacy PDP members to have faith in the structure. We did it with the adhoc delegates. We did it with the National delegates. Be rest assured that our candidates will not be different. Just let them have their fun while it lasts.

    With God and Chief Dan Osi Obih behind us, we can never be wrong because if we are wrong, then the PDP constitution is wrong. If we are wrong, then the Electoral Act is wrong. If we are wrong, then the Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria is wrong. If we are wrong, then God Almighty is wrong. But we know that we are not wrong.

    Just *RELAX*



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