SHOCKING!!! BBNaija Yousef and JMK ship is starting.

Yousef and JMK, SHOCKING!!! BBNaija Yousef and JMK ship is starting., KULOADED
Yousef and JMK


WOW!!! BBNaija Yousef and JMK ship is starting!!!

Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemate, Yousef, has revealed that he is developing feelings for fellow Housemate, Jumoke.

Yousef made this known during a conversation with Sammie in the lounge yesterday.
During their conversation, Sammie asked Yousef how he feels about fellow Housemate, Jumoke.


Sammie said: “I think you and JMK are getting along well in the last few days. Is she even your spec?”
Yousef response was that JMK is a good girl and she’s someone he is willing to date in the House.

Sammie wasn’t satisfied with Yousef’s response as he decided to ask him more questions. He further asked Yousef why he hasn’t approached JMK.

Yousef made it clear that he has told JMK how he feels about her during a random conversation in the garden.

Yousef said: “I have told her about it (referring to JMK). She said we should take things slow and see how it goes”.
Yousef is the only male Housemate that seems to be interested in JMK at the moment.

However, it remains unclear if both Housemates would be in any romantic relationship but we hope so!!!



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