THE POLITICS OF PARTY LOYALTY: The case of who is actually Guilty among the PDP Aspirants in Esanland. —– Dukedom Iyenlenaye — writes from Benin City.


THE POLITICS OF PARTY LOYALTY: The case of who is actually Guilty among the PDP Aspirants in Esanland.

—– Dukedom Iyenlenaye — writes from Benin City.

It is amazing to hear from persons, and read via social media that some Aspirants are preaching party loyalty. One can only wonder what they mean by it and what they are trying to portray.


Now let’s talk about party loyalty for a moment and ask ourselves the question of who is actually qualified to talk about party loyalty.

First, let’s talk about the drama of obvious Anti party that culminated the primary election that saw Arc. Clifford Inegbedion securing the House of Assembly ticket of the PDP in the processes leading the 2019 election, I am sure every PDP members, including those delegates that he is deceptively trying to hoodwink knew the level of anti party that was perpetrated against Arc. Inegbedion then on frivolous account of disloyalty to his imperial political majesty of Esan land & person (not party-ooo!). He so played the Anti Party against the PDP candidate and which saw the APC candidate winning the general elections then. This is not a rumour, but a clear and very loud reality. This was further made open when the current occupier of the position and speaker of the state House of Assembly was thanking him by proxy and others that yielded to the Anti party schemes then for the support they gave him even when he was not yet in the party. By this, where and were is the deceptive party loyalty been concocted to hoodwink the delegates?

Similarly, after the 2015 election that saw the Senator and his HoR counterpart dislodging all party leaders, threatening and working / acting towards retiring them prematurely, and which saw them starving the party structure across board by ensuring that no meeting must be heard without their permission, LGA and Senatorial Caucus as it used to be when they had not goting the people’s mandate was totally annihilated. Don’t forget the same “Oduma” singing party loyalty now was then in control either as secretary, or as the smartest among them. I also can remember how the former occupier of the same positions they took over from were funding the party to ensuring that the party at every structure runs every month. Most time, the same “Oduma” as now hypocritically know and called by his gullible vuvuzelas was mostly the determining factor of what goes to who at every time. But today, they ensured such things no longer exist, and they gave / give whatever to whoever they wish including festival rice, chickens, constituency products like tomatoes grinding machines, generators, motorcycles, etcetera etcetera. These same *Party Imperialist and Subjugators* should be ask in clear terms to tell the party when last they send money to fund or run the party either through the Wards, LGAs, Senatorial, or state Leaders? Don’t forget how this attitude led to the creation of the *Unity Group* in Ekpoma / Esan west LGA by the party leaders, even to the extent of Registering the group at the CAC in Abuja as a pressure group, and which led to some persons stepping aside to join the governor then, mainly for reasons to draw the government attention to the sorrowful Infrastructural deficiencies in the LGA and that has been so bastardized by the former administration ably led by Oshomhole against Ekpoma, and this brought the attention of the governor to coming to continue the yet only inaugurated Ekpoma Royal market roads from Ebhoakhuala down to Ihumudumu, and which its completion recently began again. Could these their strange attitude to the party be the Loyalty they are preaching?

Again, I remembered in 2015 about a day after the PDP House of Representatives Nomination where the same candidate was favoured by party leaders through party adaptation as was foist on the delegates, the same favoured candidate met a huge number of his major contender’s followers then at the venue where his major contender hosted and was admonishing his followers to burry all hatchets and ensure they all go out to work for the success of the party at the general election. The same particular aspirants preaching the *Deceptive Party Loyalty* gospel today told us plainly and clearly that we his then co contestant followers should help him thank his Co contestant very well because he knows outside the favour he got from the party leaders, his major contender then would have won the primary election. He went on to also declare there that he was not going to visit the second contender who is currently the state chairman of the opposing party now because he never actually saw him as a threat. He further went on to declare clearly there before the massive supporters that gathered at the Secretariat of his major contender then, and who is still his threat today, and would become his successor come 2023 that immediately the Chief Ikimi committee first disqualified him and he went into his Bus with his followers then as was led by Chief Ewie Aimiewanu, that he already made up his mind to decamp from the party to join the opposition then, until he was called back to take the ticket as was been masterminded then by the now outgoing senator. The question now is, to what extent does this his remarks symbolizes party loyalty?

Furthermore, we heard recently how the same deceptive party imperialist and subjugator together with the senator and a member of the state House of Assembly met and decided to decamp and seek their next election from the APC platform owing to their perceived failure of their purported fraudulent and deceptive Harmonization. This they attempted to consolidate by applying the task sharing method with himself and the leader of the third term team going to Lagos to have a meeting with the APC state chairman, while the HoA member going to make the state government political manager to convince the Governor. This antics was played out during the Ihuen festival at the Onojie of Ekpoma palace where they and their APC Conspirators were seen playing the game out, and even the caps their followers were then flouting were merely carrying their names and identity, and without the PDP logo or name on it. Facts are there in videos and pictures. These went on until their plots was frustrated by the governor during the meeting the governor called at the government house and told them bluntly that he was not going to leave the party for any reason. Obviously, this governor’s outright rejection of their plot infuriated their major leader in the ill-fated harmonization plots who had thought that he was going to get the governor into their plans. We all saw the follow up meetings and rallies, and the leader’s many unruly and denigrating remarks against his governor and the PDP to the extent of the people seeing and interpreting the outburst as needless threat and open Anti party remarks that even attracted the Rivers State Governor. Again, by this, between a decamped member and there level of Anti party activities, who is more loyal to the party?

Again, I would want the party delegates to ask the same aspirants that is obviously waking up from the bad side of his true self and the other third term seekers to show the party and it’s delegates the address of their Constituencies offices? Let the delegate first go find out the functionality of their constituencies offices, and then take informed decisions on them.

In the same vain, one could remember when Ikhariale, and Ugbesia occupied the same offices, for example, Hon. Ikhariale had as part of his legislative aids from across the 3-LGAs. I remembered Amb. Tony Okonigene from Esan Central, Inegbeboh from Igueben, and Bar. Lucky Eseigbe who was nominated by the current occupier of the position today from Esan West. Today what do we have or are seeing? One can only wonder how his Daughter is his PA, the same Bar. Lucky his brother from the same Iruekpen who he first nominated to be with Hon. Ikhariale for 8-years, and maybe one or 2-others from the same Iruekpen are only good enough to be his Legislative aids in Abuja till date? Are the Delegates been so effectively hypnotized not to ask these questions?

Would the Delegates remember to ask them of how many job opportunity have they facilitated for our teaming unemployed school leavers? What about the facilitation and creation of SMSE with the millions they have been receiving as salaries, allowances, and fraudulent ventures that would see at least tens or twenties of our teaming school leavers would be glad and proud to submit their CVs and Application letters in Esan land? Could it be all about frivolous and oppressive spending in competition with yahoo yahoo boys in funerals, marriages, and birthday celebrations? lodging girls and ladies in expensive hotels like Sheraton, Niccon luxury, Barcelona, etc, and securing visas and flight tickets for same girls on few days / weeks holiday abroad?

These can go on and on, but the major question the Delegates must ask them is, if they succeed to purchase the party ticket with their now very deep pockets, how would the general electorates / people’s perception of Third Term as Ebola be changed, and be convince otherwise to securing their votes, and ultimately win the elections? They should go round town, meet the people, seek their opinions, and find out if these products are marketable, or mere political liabilities to the party as at today that can only see the party onto abysmal failure at the general election? Would nature and the Esan people, especially the PDP founding fathers that endeared the party into the heart of every Esan household forgive those delegates that would Sell the PDP Sunlight to Buy a Candle?



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