By Amb. Tony Okonigene

With the publication of the final lists of candidates for the 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections by INEC, the wars in the political parties as to who are the authentic candidates are over. By the elections time table released by INEC, campaigns are expected to kick start by 28th September, 2022.


By the design and contents of the Electoral Act 2022, once INEC publishes the final lists, only a declaratory judgement by the Supreme Court can change any name in the lists. What it means is that the candidates so published will definitely fly the flags of their various parties during the campaigns and elections.

For the Edo State PDP, INEC has in its publication of the final lists, published the candidates of the Legacy PDP. There are outstanding litigations at the Federal High Court Benin and Abuja. By the provisions of the Electoral Act 2022, it will take at least 120 days ie 4 months for the Supreme Court to determine the issue of who are actually the authentic candidates of the party as any contrary judgement to the published lists by INEC will be appealed .

The implication is that the Legacy PDP candidates are going to fly the flag of the PDP in Edo State until there is a contrary declaration from the Supreme Court

However, all these anxieties will be laid to rest with the expected declaration by the Supreme Court this week in respect of the Authentic ad-hoc delegates of the party.

The Edo State Governor, being the leader of the party in the State, should as a show of leadership sagacity, call all members to a round table and plan how to deliver all the published candidates of the party in the state including the presidential candidate.



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